Butter Your Broth

Butter Your Broth eBook

Do you have achy joints or weak bones? Is your skin looking tired and dull? Do you have some cellulite you’d like to get rid of? Do you have a leaky gut or other digestive issues?

Bone broth can help with that!

You can read all about the wonderful benefits that bone broth has to offer in my new eBook Butter Your Broth!

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Or maybe you already know all about why you should be consuming bone broth but the idea of making it yourself intimidates you. Or you don’t mind making it but the idea of drinking a mug of warm broth just grosses you out.

Butter Your Broth can help with that too!

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Butter Your Broth is an eBook I created to help take the intimidation factor out of making and consuming bone broth. It is all about how to make this wonderful, traditional food taste good. So good in fact, that you’ll start craving it.

Butter Your Broth contains…

  • Six compelling reasons why you should be consuming bone broth
  • Information on four delicious and nutrient dense fats and why you should add them to your broth
  • Three easy methods for preparing your own broth including the crock pot, stove top, and pressure cooker
  • Ten brand new recipes to help you “butter your broth”

Don’t miss out on the amazing healing properties of this traditional food and grab your copy today!

I am offering this one of a kind resource for the low price of $5.95. However, I am offering a coupon to all of my lovely email subscribers. So sign up for my email newsletter so you don’t miss out on this offer!

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27 thoughts on “Butter Your Broth

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  2. Anja

    I’m from Germany and would like to purchase (Credit card payment). However, my address is Not accepted (I cannot choose another country).
    What can I do?

  3. Lori

    Do you offer this information on your blog in other places, as much as i’d like to purchase your book, I can’t I’m disabled and am on a very limited fixed income, bit I’m very interested as I make bone broth now, but it seems you have ideas on making it even better for you, I don’t even need recipes, since I never really follow them anyhow, just use them as guidelines, but the information would be so very welcome.

    1. Kiersten Post author

      Lori, I share a lot of my bone broth creations on my instagram (@vibrantlifearmywife) so feel free to follow me there. I also have a basic slow cooker bone broth recipe on the blog here. You can just add a Tbs of your favorite fat (preferably saturated- butter, coconut oil, etc.) and seasonings of your choice. Hope that helps!

  4. Crystal

    I signed up for your email newsletter, but haven’t received the discount code to purchase your ebook. Can you help me?

          1. Kiersten Post author

            I’m doing a Valentine’s Day Special and you can use code “iheartbonebroth” through the end of the day tomorrow. If you don’t see this in time, shoot me an email. kiersten at vibrantlifearmywife dot com :)

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    1. Kiersten Post author

      So sorry you’re having issues! I’m looking into this right now. Go ahead and email me at kiersten at vibrantlifearmywife dot come and I’ll make sure it’s taken care of.


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