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Green Breakfast Soup from The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook

Green Breakfast Soup from The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook |

As many of you know if you’ve been hanging around here a while, I have an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. While it’s not immediately life threatening or even that debilitating (for me personally – it can be for some), it still affects me on a daily basis. I often get fatigued in the middle of the day, I lose clumps of hair when I brush my hair sometimes, I have a hard time exercising because my body just can’t rally sometimes, I get frequent headaches, and so on.¬† Continue reading

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Cock-a-Leekie Soup: Celebrating the new season of Outlander

Channel your inner Jamie and Claire Fraser and join me in consuming this delicious Cock-a-Leekie Soup in celebration of season 2 of Outlander! | #glutenfree #paleo #marrymejamiefraser

I have to admit something to you guys… I’m in love with a man who is not my husband. This man is the perfect man. A man who can be so sweet and sentimental, but also incredibly strong and manly at the same time. A man who says all the right things at the right time. A man who protects his loved ones no matter the cost. A man who looks SO. DAMN. GOOD. with his shirt off.¬†This man is James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, aka Jamie Fraser, aka the most beautiful and perfect man in the whole wide world. And no, he’s not real. I’m in love with a fictional character and there’s nothing I can do about it. Continue reading

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Balsamic Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Candied Walnuts

Balsamic Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Candied Walnuts| #paleo #glutenfree

My dad is a pretty picky eater. He loves his pepsi and his OJ, his frozen blueberry waffles and his Mexican food. He’s almost 60 years old and is a bit set in his ways. So it’s been kind of fun for me to sneak in some healthier dinners for him. Last night I tried sneaking this salad in and it didn’t go too well… He said he didn’t like the lettuce because it tasted like dirt. My mom and I explained to him that it was arugula and that he has had arugula before and liked it. I told him it was likely the beets that he was tasting because they have an earthy flavor, although I definitely wouldn’t say that they taste like dirt. Continue reading

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Creamy Chicken and Green Chile Casserole

Creamy Chicken and Green Chile Casserole inspired by an old family favorite enchilada recipe but made with whole food ingredients | #paleo #glutenfreeWhen I was a kid, my mom used to make these chicken enchiladas with a creamy green chile sauce. They were super delectable. In college, I made them for my boyfriend (now husband) and he went crazy for them. He could eat almost an entire pan of them by himself. He can’t eat that much anymore, but back in high school and college he was quite the garbage disposal. Continue reading

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