All Natural Food for your Skin: A Review of Primally Pure

A review of Primally Pure, all natural food for your skin |

For most people (myself included), the first step when transitioning to a healthy lifestyle involves switching out the processed, crap “food” for real, whole, nutrient dense foods. I believe an important next step however, is to switch out the processed, crap “beauty” products for products made with real, whole, all natural ingredients.

Some say that being careful about what you put on your body is just as important as what you put in your body, but I would argue that in some ways it’s even more important. When you put something on your skin, the largest organ in the body, it doesn’t have the digestive system to act as a buffer for toxins, thus allowing these unnatural chemicals to enter the bloodstream. My rule of thumb is, if I wouldn’t eat it, it’s not going on my skin!

A review of Primally Pure, all natural food for your skin |

Fortunately, there are some wonderful companies out there making real food for the skin, which I really appreciate because although I’m perfectly capable of making my own, I’d rather make food for my mouth than my skin! And one of my very favorite all natural skincare companies is Primally Pure! Bethany, the lovely lady behind Primally Pure, creates her products using real ingredients like tallow from grass-fed cows, organic coconut oil, and essential oils, all organic and mostly fair trade.

Bethany was nice enough to send me a jar of her body butter and some lip balm to try out. I opened the box and was met with confetti like newspaper clippings that made me feel like I was opening a Christmas present!

A review of Primally Pure, all natural food for your skin |

And my excitement only grew as a slathered the body butter on my skin and the lip balm on my lips. I’ve tried my fair share of all natural beauty products, both purchased and homemade, and I’ve never tried a lotion so luxurious. The body butter blends right into my skin without a trace of greasiness and makes my skin so soft. My pups love it too! Immediately after putting it on, they attempt to lick it all off. While I don’t love the idea of losing all the body butter I just applied, I feel good knowing there is nothing in it that could harm my precious puppies.

A review of Primally Pure, all natural food for your skin |

And the chapstick is amazing too! It has the perfect amount of minty-ness; enough to give you that little tingle on your lips, but not so much that it’s overpowering. Normally my lips are always a tad on the dry side, but now they’re super soft, like kissably soft. Not that I have anyone to kiss at the moment… (stupid training took my husband away again!)

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE these products and will likely never make my own chapstick or body butter again because I know it will never live up to my now very high standards. And I can’t wait to try the Primally Pure deodorant and outdoor lotion that everyone has been raving about!

A review of Primally Pure, all natural food for your skin |

Bethany is offering a 10% discount to my lovely readers good through the end of June. Just use code “vibrantlifearmywife” at checkout to receive your discount. I know you guys will love these products, and the love and care that goes into them, as much as I do!

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