Root Beer Floats for Two

“You know, a lot of people go to therapy to deal with stuff, but I say a good root beer float can fix just about anybody” -Peyton Sawyer

Root Beer Floats for Two | #glutenfree #grainfree

I’ve been watching One Tree Hill on Netflix lately. It’s my current binge-watch-show of choice (along with Parenthood, but I’m only allowed to watch that when my mom is around so she can watch too). It’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster all over again. Of course I’ve seen it all before, but I forgot how soap opera-esque this show was. It kills me. But I tend to agree with Peyton, that a good root beer float can fix just about anybody.

Root Beer Floats for Two | #glutenfree #grainfree

It can fix everything from missing your deployed spouse, to curing unrealistic-but-still-emotionally-intense TV show induced sadness. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. As long as you don’t drink way too many of course.

Root Beer Floats for Two | #glutenfree #grainfree

But that’s why I created this recipe for two. Because when you share your root beer float with someone you love, not only do you not overdo it yourself, but it also adds to the “fixing anybody” properties.

Root Beer Floats for Two | #glutenfree #grainfree

When it comes to the root beer, I like to skip the traditional chemical laden soda and go with something slightly more natural. My favorite root beer is from Maine Root and contains simply carbonated pure water, fair trade certified organic cane juice and spices. Another good option, while not actually root beer, is the “Revive Rootbeer” from Live Soda. This delicious kombucha does taste surprisingly like root beer and works great in root beer floats. As for the ice cream, I used my dairy free vanilla bean ice cream recipe. It’s simple to make and is totally delicious and creamy without the dairy. Although if you’d rather just buy some store bought ice cream (dairy free or otherwise) I certainly won’t judge.

Root Beer Floats for Two | #glutenfree #grainfree

Root Beer Floats for Two
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2
  1. Divide 4 scoops of the ice cream into 2 glasses.
  2. Top with root beer.
  3. Share with a friend.

While I’m still very much missing my hubby and wish I could share a root beer float with him, enjoying one of these bad boys with my mom certainly fixed me right up in the moment! So I hate to “slurp and run” as Hayley James Scott would say, but I’ve gotta go make me another one of these!

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