Food Photography

Are you in need of beautiful photos for an upcoming project, book, or product launch, but don’t have time to tackle the intricacies of photography yourself? I can help!

If food photography is not your forte, I am a freelance food stylist and photographer available for hire to help make your next project beautiful and fit your vision.

I tend to keep things simple so that the food can do the talking, so to speak, using simple backdrops and minimal props that really let the food shine. And I use natural light, which there is always an abundance of here in sunny Southern California.

I have styled and shot everything here on my website, as well as in my eBook Butter Your Broth. Recent clients include The Paleo Mom.

Whatever your photography needs, I’d love to help. So hit me up using the contact form on my site and we will chat about how I can help!

Please see a sample of my portfolio here and contact me with any questions.